Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like to try your service before subscribing, can you sign me up for a 1-month free membership?

A: Yes, if you would like a 1-month free membership to evaluate our service, email us at with the words "trial membership" in the subject heading.

Q: I stopped receiving the Daily Leads. What happened?

A: More than likely your e-mail server's spam filter is blocking our attempt to email you the Daily Leads. In order to ensure you receive our Daily Leads, you should add our email address  to your address book. You should also have your Information Technology professional "White List"  Remember that as long as your subscription is active, you can also access your daily leads by logging in to the GovHound website.

Q: I don't see a phone number, what is the best way to contact you?

A: Our skilled staff does not work during normal business hours. This is done in order to bring you the Daily Leads each morning. We communicate almost exclusively by email. Please email any updates, questions or concerns to, and we will typically respond within 24-hours.

Q: How many emails may I subscribe under my membership?

A: You may subscribe as many emails as you like. The annual cost is the same for up to 6 emails subscribed. In other words, the price is the same if 1 email is subscribed, or 6 emails are subscribed from your organization. However, each additional email added above the base 6 costs an additional $60 annually.

Q: How do I stop receiving the Daily Leads? I want to stop service.

A: If you prefer not to receive this service, please send an email to with the word 'remove' in the subject heading.

Q: Can I submit an article, study or press release to include with your Daily Leads?

A: Yes, if the information is posted on-line, send a short description with a link to info@govhound.comand we will consider including it.

Q: I am a design build professional in transition between jobs, can you provide me with a free membership?

A: Yes, GovHound provides our service free of charge to design build professionals in transition. Email us at with your internship information, and we will sign you up. Please notify us once you start your new job, and consider subscribing your organization to our service.

Q: I am a government Intern, can you provide me with a free membership?

A: Yes, GovHound  provides our service free of charge to government Interns for the length of their internship. Email us at  with your internship information, such as where you work, and we will sign you up.

Q: GovHound’s Privacy Policy?

A: GovHound does not share, publish, or in any way redistribute subscriber email addresses or any other personal information.